Sunday, 30 May 2010

Happy Birthday Tate Modern

I'm doing rather terribly w/this blog. Discipline isn't necessary my strong fortress and I am trying to change that. The fact is also that sometimes I found myself overwhelmed with a sense of guilt as there is so much of the other thing I need to focus on. Art is my religion but currently it seems I can only afford to turn to God when I have time! Does that make sense?

Also this blog is very personal... I write mostly for myself with an occasional visits of close friends so I  don't feel that much pressure to write. I just know I want to do more of it.

Anyhoo I cannot fail to mention in this blog the recent fabulous event of Tate Modern turning 10! (I know I know that was almost a month ago). I have been extremely busy socially and couldn't pop into the Turbine hall on the Fridays and Saturday but I was there on Sunday to join in the overwhelmingly celebratory atmosphere at the Tate Modern.

I attended "No Soul for Sale", which took place in the Turbine Hall, where independent art spaces of contemporary art all over the world meet in one place  to show case their work. Their artistic declarations also filled the halls. I had seen San Art, a organization/gallery based in Ho Chi Minh City - Vietnam on the programme and I really wanted to meet them! More about San Art later.

Contempory art arrived in Great Britain later than other European countries, even later than the United States*. Tate is only 10 year old but it is doing extremely well. One of the most visited contemporary art galleries in the world (5million± visits annually)... Even more than the MOMA. I think Sir Nicholas Serota has achieved so much for Tate Modern and Tate in general under his directorship... He is a big inspiration, such a brilliant, visionary but humble man.

This is a great documentary marking Tate Modern's 10 years on the Culture Show . I also love the BBC! It constantly feeds my thirst for knowledge in many areas.

These are some videos from Tate Channel as it celebrate Tate Modern's birthday!

Some interesting facts --- did you know that the Museum of Modern Art opened in 1929, the year of the Great Depression. And even though with a then young man Alfred Barr as its director (he was only twenty-seven), it was actually formulated by three women, so-called by art historians as "the founding mothers". They were Abbie Rockefeller, Miss Lizzie P. Bliss and Mrs Cornelius J Sullivan.

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