About this Blog

I have no formal training in art. But I love (visual) art and this is my attempt to write and learn about art through personal inspirations and reviews of exhibitions, most of which are in the United Kingdom.

I hope to be active in the art world one day (not sure how); to have my own gallery somewhere (currently doing Art History as a past time). If I ever do work in art, my aim would be to show those less familiar with the art what a magical world it is (so they will roll their eyes less at what they possibly think is weird); to create an inspirational space for all people but especially young people; and it is my biggest dream to support or bring art to countries with less exposure to it. I hope through art people will find a break and some space for themselves besides their daily struggle to make ends meet. The majority of us aren't so blessed with material things. But we all should be able to enjoy art and what they bring to the soul...

Big dreams. Not sure what the chance of success is. But we all have to start somewhere.